Date: 08-12-2017

30 year anniversary of family oriented programs of NJi, Netherlands

Thirty years ago, the ISSA member organization Nederlands Jeugdinstituut (Netherlands Youth Institute) developed various family-oriented programs to stimulate play and pre-school activities. This anniversary was celebrated with an event in September, which also functioned as a reunion for many of the attendees.


The national coordinator of the 'Stap'programs, spoke about the past, the present and the future; from the emergence of 'Opstap' to new opportunities. Today more than 10,000 families participate and the programs are rolled out in several countries. The NJi continues to strive for improvement in close collaboration with universities and practitioners. Due to the large diversity in target groups, more customization for families is required. Digital and visual material will strengthen the content of the program and accesibility for parents.


According to one of the speakers, Lector Cathy van Tuijl: "Each municipality should make family incentive programs available for these families if we want to help vulnerable families with their upbringing task and offer children better opportunities in society".


Watch this video impression of the celebratory day.