Gordon, J., Peeters, I., Vandekerckhove, A.
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Integrated Early Childhood Education and Care – Results of a European Survey and Literature Review

This report was written within the INTESYS project in order to map the state of integration of ECEC provision in EU Member States, with a special focus on vulnerable groups regarding workforce policies and practices, stakeholders, governance and also key success factors, gaps (policies, practices etc.), obstacles and inspiring good practices.

The report was developed based on collected data through a European survey focusing on promising and inspiring practices regarding the integration of services, a survey in each of the four piloting countries in the INTESYS project (Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia), and literature review.

The European survey aimed to answer the underlying, and somewhat paradoxical question: if integrated work and close cooperation are so evidently positive, how did we end up with such segregated services in the first place? Complementary to the survey, the literature review provides a well-rounded picture of the state-of-play concerning the current approaches to and levels of integration (or lack of it) in different European countries. Drawing on previous and other on-going work by the project partners, it focuses on governance, systems, workforce, transitions and what is meant by addressing the needs of the 'whole child'.