Anke van Keulen, Ana del Barrio Saiz, Erna Reiling, Josette Hoex, Carla Bienemann
Published in:
Belgium, The Netherlands

European Quality Framework: High 5 Quality Scan

The High 5 Quality Scan is an evaluation tool based on the European Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care accompanying the 5 Steps to Quality Training Package. ISSA has translated this resource so it is now available in English.

This document offers childcare centres, nurseries, after-school care, and integrated childcare centres the ability to evaluate and improve their internal quality on these five principles.
This explicitly sets the link to the national pedagogical frameworks and curricula, and the organization’s own pedagogical policy. A reflective method where the involvement of all participants is crucial.

The training package was developed by Bureau Mutant and VBJK in the framework of the Peer Learning Activities supported and co-financed by ISSA in 2015/2016: