Howard, M., Tuna, A., et al.
Published in:
ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands

Study on the Implementation of ISSA's Pedagogical Standards (2001-2008)

Study on the implementation of ISSA's Pedagogical Standards (2001-2008) was developed to evaluate the impact of the work done by ISSA members in 27 countries on quality assurance and improvement. The study examines the role of the ISSA Pedagogical Standards (2003) as they were implemented through certification, mentoring, training and as part of broader initiatives for improving quality of preschool and primary school care and education. The results of the study showcase how the ISSA Standards influenced changes on different levels : individual teacher practice, level of educational institutions, community culture, and national policy. The study also includes case studies, best practices and lessons learned across the ISSA network.

The outcomes are documented in terms of how the standards influenced three levels of implementation: individual teacher practice, educational systems and school and community culture, and national policy. The final results of the study:

  • Present a comprehensive summary of the scope of implementation across the network
  • Identify best practices and lessons learned
  • Include country profiles for each Step by Step NGO
  • Provide information to for developing a further strategy for ISSA's work on quality improvement
  • Include case studies and a final analysis


 The study is also available in Russian       


The full report was made available to ISSA members. For more information, contact