Date: 17-01-2018

UNICEF’s new global report on early childhood development

Early Moments Matter for every child, UNICEF’s global report on early childhood development, shows that the period from conception to the start of school opens a critical and singular window of opportunity to shape the development of a child’s brain. Brain development is an essential part of early childhood development, the process by which a young child acquires essential physical, motor, cognitive, social, emotional and language skills. These skills allow children to think, solve problems, communicate, express emotions and form relationships. They build the foundation for later life and set the trajectory for health, learning and well-being. Healthy early childhood development is important for all children. But, in particular, when the most disadvantaged children acquire the skills they need in nurturing and caring environments, they gain a passport out of adversity and into a better life. They, in turn, are in a stronger position to nurture and care for their children, halting intergenerational cycles of disadvantage.

This report will give everyone working in Early Childhood Education and Care valuable insights. Read about the effects of toxic stress, lack of parental responsiveness, and poor living-conditions on the development of children and in their lives. Apply your knowledge and take action to provide all children with the best start in life!