ISSA regularly organizes workshops and training to help members improve their skills. The sessions are often offered for free or for a discounted price.


Over the course of 2017 ISSA organized the following webinars for members:


“Using social media to build and maintain your constituency support”, the webinar introduced some practical ways that ISSA member organisations can use to engage with social media channels.


 Two webinars on Monitoring and Evaluation: one introductory part titled “what is it all about” and a second part titled “criteria and indicators.”


At our 2017 Conference in Ghent (Belgium), ISSA members had free access to the following training sessions.


"Intervention packages to support nurturing care." This workshop was hosted by the World Health Organization, UNICEF ECARO and University of Ankara. It offered an orientation and general information on two intervention packages to support nurturing care: Care for Child Development (CCD) and the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD).


"Integrated services in the early years – towards an international platform for exchange". This workshop gave insight on accessibility of integrated services and offered a field visit to kindergartens in Ghent.


 The training "Developing sustainability through fundraising" was designed by the Management Centre (UK) to help ISSA members, and other organizations in attendance, sustain their work through successful fundraising.





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