Tankersley, D., et al.
Published in:
ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands

Instrument for Assessing Quality Practices in Early Childhood Education Services for Children from 3 to 10 Years Old

The Instrument for Assessing Quality Practices is a condensed version of the Professional Development Tool for Improving Quality of Practice. It serves to assess educators' performance with a select group of 36 key indicators derived from the two Professional Development Tools.

The selected indicators are most observable and most challenging to reach in terms of quality practice, and serve as proxies for other indicators. The Assessment Instrument helps educators and professionals in charge of professional development of staff working in pre-schools and primary schools to develop a tailored, mutually agreed upon, and focused Professional Development Plan. It can be used for individual or group assessment.
To be able to use the instrument professionals need to be trained and need to establish reliability with ISSA’s reliability experts. A detailed Methodology for using the Instrument, and a Database for recording and processing the data collected through observations, documentation and interviews have been developed to assure the appropriate use of the Instrument.


It can be used for individual or group assessment (in one or more settings) with the purpose of identifying areas of strength and growth in pedagogical practice, thus leading to a more in-depth learning process following the Professional Development Tool and other resources in the Quality Resource Pack.