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Инвестируйте в качественных педагогов
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ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands

Invest in Quality Teachers

Invest in Quality Teachers is an easy to use advocacy leaflet aiming to promote the importance of quality educators and mobilize policy and governance level to invest in educators, their education, professional development, working conditions and status of profession. 

Evidence shows that high quality teaching derives from qualified, motivated and supported teachers. The key to an effective and successful education system lies in improving the teacher´s practices, through:

  • Providing policy support and funding for high quality pre-service and in-service training of early childhood educators.
  • Developing responsible and responsive practices that meet the needs of children and families.
  • Ensuring good working conditions, appropriate wages and paid time for professional development.
  • Creating competent Early Childhood Development systems that nurture reciprocal relationships between individuals and teams, institutions and competent governance at the policy level.

With its twenty years of experience in the field of early childhood education and a network of more than 80 NGO´s worldwide, ISSA firmly believes that through the implementation of its Quality Resource Pack, decision makers are investing in quality teachers, making a lifelong difference for their society and the new generations.