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Дайте своему ребенку наилучшее начало: заложите фундамент качественного обучения
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ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands

Give Your Child the Best Start in Life

Give Your Child the Best Start in Life is an easy to use advocacy leaflet aiming to inform parents and caregivers how important the role is that they play in a child's life. Building on ISSA Quality Principles this tool is aiming to help parents and caregivers understand what Early Childhood Education and Care services should provide for their children, and provides guidance in choosing quality services. 

As parent, you are your child´s first educator. As your child moves from home to an early education facility, building a relationship with the educators becomes important for your child´s well being. Therefore, ISSA supports parents in identifying a quality early childhood environment that should meet the following set of principles:

  • Interactive learning, with constant communication between the educator and the child.
  • An inclusive approach to the family and the community.
  • Embracing inclusion, diversity and democratic values.
  • A teaching process that is well planned and continuously assessed.
  • Effective learning strategies based on the crucial role of play.
  • A warm, welcoming and personalized learning environment.
  • An ongoing professional development of the educators.

ISSA firmly believes that parents are key actors in shaping an enriching environment for their children, making a difference in the lives of children, families and communities  through advocating for quality education.