Date: 28-03-2018

City of Ghent develops a mobile child care center

Photo Courtesy of the Child Care Unit, City of Ghent

In response to the needs of vunerable families, the Child Care Unit of the City of Ghent has created an innovative solution—a POP UP childcare center. This childcare center can be moved and stored in less than one hour.

"To meet the needs of vulnerable parents looking for a job, but lacking last minute daycare, we want to test if this movable daycare center can be an answer for them" said Lieve De Bosscher, Director of the Child Care Unit, City of Ghent.

This daycare center can host up to 14 children aged zero to three years. Though the elements of this center can be packed up and moved easily, all the elements needed for sleeping, eating, caring and playing have been integrated into the design. Browse photos of this creative design on Facebook.

The European program, PACE (Providing Access to Childcare and Employment) supported the devolpment of this innovative project. You can visit the PACE Facebook page here