Date: 29-03-2018

A practical guide for child protection in the early years

Eunice Lumsden, Head of Early Years at the University of Northampton in the UK, has written a new book aimed at providing information to early childhood professionals on how to create safe, supportive environments for young children who have faced adverse childhood experiences. Child Protection in the Early Years: A Practical Guide explains the impact of trauma on young brains and gives practical instructions on how to recognize and response to abuse. Exercises, case studies and reflection points accompany these instructions to help the reader identify and improve methods. The book also provides information about current legislation, policy and procedure in the UK.

While the policy information in this book is focused on the UK, the majority of the chapters are useful to an international audience.

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Take a look at some reviews of this book below:

“I am confident that engaging with the content in this book will be empowering for practitioners and emerging practitioners because the knowledge and learning will build confidence in developing good practice in this sensitive area. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend that all professionals who have responsibility for children’s welfare engage with this important book.” - Dr Jackie Musgrave, Programme Lead for Early Childhood at The Open University

“Dr Lumsden’s Child Protection in the Early Years is a timely addition to resources in the industry. Lumsden has used her expertise as a social worker and university lecturer to share her unique knowledge in this ground-breaking book. It is a useful reference point and a must-read for those looking to support professional development within the Early Years and education sectors.” - Laura Henry, award-winning international Early Years Consultant, trainer and writer

“A most comprehensive, up-to-date text, which is suitable for all levels of professionals, practitioners, undergraduates and post-graduates in the field of early childhood. It is serious and well researched with appropriate theoretical frameworks, yet it is very readable and engaging. There are appropriate case studies and questions for reflection, which demonstrate a great understanding of humanity.” - Carolyn Silberfeld, Chair Director, Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network (ECSDN)