'The European Quality Framework is not a document to replace pedagogical frameworks, curriculum or regulations… but a LENS to reflect on those


Take 5 Steps to Quality with Us! European Quality Framework training for Early Childhood Education & Care                                             

NEW! Did you miss the Peer Learning Activity on The European Quality Framework? We've set up a two-day training to help you get fully equipped!

The European Quality Framework has been developed by a group of experts, government officials, and policy advisers. It was composed to offer the work field relevant instruments
to reflect upon and enhance existing quality frameworks. Comprised from the European Quality Framework, is this practical 5 Steps to Quality training -  handing you all the must haves and highlights!

As a result of combined efforts of many within our growing network, ISSA is now able to equip child care managers and professionals with a toolset built upon strong principles, whom are in itself underpinned with the results of scientific research. Also, the practical content of this training is filled with illustrative and inspiring cases and will offer a comprehensive and gripping learning opportunity. In short: 5 Steps to Quality is the European Quality Framework comprised to easy-to-use tools!

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Childrens Rights Home Leiden, The Netherlands

The 25th and 26th of June 2018

Managers, professionals and paraprofessionals working in early Childhood Education Services in formal and non-formal settings.

Ankie Vandekerckhove - VBJK, Belgium (Trainer)
Anke van Keulen – Bureau Mutant, The Netherlands (Trainer)

Fee ISSA Members:        EUR 270,- VAT* included
Fee Non ISSA Members: EUR 299,- VAT* included

*Prices include a 21% VAT according to European Union regulations. For other regions VAT rulings may differ.






Ankie Vandekerckhove

Was the first Flemish Children’s Rights Commissioner (1998-2009). This deep commitment to children’s rights still guides her work in improving basic provisions for young children. At VBJK, Ankie emphasizes on topics such as social inclusion and access to childcare, preliminary for vulnerable groups. Next to her work for VBJK she is a frequent consultant on children’s rights, and was active for UNICEF, the European Union and the European Counsel. With the ISSA Network, Ankie works on recurring issues such as quality, multi-linguism, parent involvement, accessibility, inclusion and professionalization.






Anke van Keulen

Is a social pedagogue and partner at Bureau MUTANT, active at children’s day care, (early childhood) education and healthcare. Anke develops methodology and training for managers and professionals and publishes frequently on several leading topics within the field. As social pedagogue she has specialized in pedagogical quality and diversity, democratic citizenship, professionalism, learning communities and European cooperation in Early Childhood Care and Education. from which standpoint Anke often advises organizations and (local) governments. With the ISSA Network, Anke helps to amplify the word and deed across and beyond Europe.

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