Date: 03-05-2018

Great News! Global Digital Library to help overcome illiteracy!

Take note of this great news brought to ISSA by the UNICEF Education Team!

An estimated 600 million children & adolescents are not learning to read sufficiently. To help overcome this, the Global Digital Library aims to make learning to read easier by offering high-quality, early-grade books in languages children already know.
It's free for all teachers, all students… everyone! 

The Global Digital Library (GDL) is live as of now, providing free resources to help overcome illiteracy.  It has at least 700 resources in over 10 languages, all accessible at  

Going forward, the team will continue to expand in content and languages, aiming to reach at least 100 languages by 2020. The GDL-platform will also facilitate translation and localization of these resources to more than 300 languages.

Learn more about the GDL and partners involved here: