Date: 08-05-2018

Liana Ghent - 'European Quality Framework within Arm’s Length'

Leiden – 8 May 2018 – For the first time, ISSA is offering the European Quality Framework as a training. Last year ISSA organized a very successful Peer Learning Activity about the Framework for their member organizations. Following all positive responses, ISSA decided to schedule a modular, two-day training on the topic: 5 Steps to Quality. This training was developed with Bureau Mutant (NL) and VBJK (BE) and takes place on the 25th & 26th of June.

The quality framework in itself was developed with and encouraged by the European Commission. It became a fruitful cooperation between experts in the Early Childhood Development field. What emerged from this cooperation was not so much a new standard or set of quality tools, but a practical guideline to survey and assess existing quality tools.

In contradiction to what many people presume, the European Quality Framework not a method, but a practical guide. But how relevant is the Framework really in the current, European Early Childhood Development field? Liana Ghent, director of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), says it is hugely relevant. Especially because the Framework was developed by experts from the field.

‘We see a growing need for universal entitlement to quality early childhood services for all children and their families. The early years are very important,’ says Liana Ghent. ‘The Framework provides guidance on how to look at and define quality in an early childhood system by pointing to key elements and all those involved in the system.’

It is the first time that ISSA offers an open training. Their learning opportunities usually happen within large, long-term programs, which ISSA rolls out with several partners. ‘Such trainings are available in-house,’ Ghent says, ‘however, smaller organizations rarely have the means to attend and so we are offering the 5 Steps to Quality Training for individual registration.’ 

Learn more about this training and how to register here.