Date: 24-07-2018

NEWS – INTESYS: How can we accomplish more together? - Part 3

Integrated systems is a complex term; don’t let the name put you off. Integrating early childhood systems helps reduce disparities in learning outcomes for vulnerable children and help professionals meet the diverse needs of children and families. They help practitioners, managers and policymakers accomplish more – together.

Though we know the benefits of integrating early childhood systems, it can be difficult to motivate systems to change. So, we asked the experts to explain the critical factors that motivate different early childhood organizations and services to work together. Marzia Sica of Compagnia di San Paolo in Italy gives her take:

"At the launch of the INTESYS project we worked hard to build a strong sense of belonging of the project among all local stakeholders. We organized various meetings with the mayors of the municipalities involved in the Italian pilot to build a shared vision and expectations on the pilot. This preparatory work has been extremely important to get all stakeholders engaged. The organization of several steering committee sessions has effectively followed this preparatory phase and has been essential in defining shared objectives. The very mixed composition of the Steering Committee (governance level and sector wise) has also been beneficial. The first meetings of the shared journey toward integration have been dedicated to build a common vision and share principles and perspectives among the participants. The use of the toolkit elaborated within the project has been useful as a basis for discussing and agreeing on common principles and objectives and to shape all steps of the journey toward integration."

Still not sure what Integrated Systems for early childhood services are? Be sure to brush-up on what the term means through our series of INTESYS interviews.

Download the INTESYS Toolkit here!