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ISSA is a membership association, which serves as a learning community and a champion for quality and equity for all young children and their families. 

The ISSA network is a dynamic mix of experts from NGOs, schools and kindergartens, higher education and academic institutions in Europe and Central Asia. All ISSA members work to ensure the best quality care and education for young children, especially the most vulnerable. 



A society where families, communities and professionals work together to empower each child to reach her or his unique potential and embrace values of social justice and equity. 



We are a learning community powered by the leading early childhood experts in Europe and Central Asia. We unite professionals and partners to deliver high-quality early years services equitably. We challenge existing knowledge and practice and co-construct new approaches and models.

A society where families, communities and professionals work together to empower each child to reach her or his unique potential and embrace valies of social justice and equity.


ISSA's work is underpinned by The Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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ISSA's offices are located in a historic building that once functioned as an orphanage. Founded in 1593, it closed its doors as an orphanage only during the 1960s. As of May 2010 the renovated orphanage re-opened as Kinderrechtenhuis Nederland (Child Rights Home, the Netherlands). Besides ISSA, several other organisations working with and for children and young people have their offices in the building. These developments are made possible by financial and moral support from Stichting Utopa (the Utopa Foundation).



Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.

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UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children's rights throughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand their effects.

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Bernard van Leer Foundation

Bernhard van Leer is a private foundation focused on developing and sharing knowledge about what works in early childhood development. They provide financial support and expertise to partners in government, civil society and business to help test and scale effective services for young children and families.

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The ELMA Philanthropies Services is the services arm of The ELMA Group of Foundations. From locations in New York, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Kampala.

The ELMA Philanthropies team develops program strategies, identifies and explores investment opportunities, monitors and evaluates investment performance and manages strategic partnerships for The ELMA Group of Foundations.

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Jacobs Foundation

The Jacobs Foundation invests in the future of young people so that they become socially responsible and productive members of society.

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