Date: 03-09-2018

NEWS - New Composition for ISSA’s Board

ISSA is happy to announce that Vesna Bajsanski-Agic of the Mozaik Foundation (BiH) and Cornelia Cincilei of Step by Step (Moldova) have (re)joined the Board of Directors.

More challenges
Vesna Bajsanski-Agic of the Mozaik Foundation (Bosnia-Herzegovina), has recently ended her first term on the ISSA Board, and has now been re-elected for a second term. She comments: ‘It is a great honor and a pleasure to be part of ISSA today, when Early Childhood Development needs to find responses to more and more challenges that societies around Europe and Asia are facing, trying to educate parents, professionals and communities to fulfill the potential of every child. I am confident that ISSA has the knowledge, wisdom and power to contribute to this task, and grateful for the opportunity to learn and contribute to this process.’


Source of Strength
Cornelia Cincilei is a highly experienced and regarded professional from the Early Childhood Development field, being Director of the Step by Step Moldova (Programul Educational Pas cu Pas) since 1994. She shared some of her beliefs when presenting herself during the election process: ‘As a representative of the (first generation of) national Step by Step organizations, I fully appreciate ISSA’s very important role in advocating for a comprehensive/systemic approach to quality and professionalism in Early Childhood Development. From this perspective, ISSA’s high profile as an international network of professionals and its partnerships with the most relevant actors in the field serve as a source of strength and continuous growth for its members, particularly in the places where the formal educational community is less connected to the international developments in Early Childhood Development.’

Exploring new pathways
ISSA’s Director, Liana Ghent, extends both her gratitude and congratulations to Vesna and Cornelia: ‘We are excited to have such prominent professionals joining ISSA’s Board and we look forward to exploring new pathways to help improve the Early Childhood Development field and empower those who work with young children.’


The profiles of both Vesna and Cornelia can be found HERE. On the photograph, the board of 2017, with a slightly different composition.