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Building Blocks for the Early Years Field: The Contribution and Legacy of ECP

A joint celebration with ECD Networks, their members and partners

When: Tuesday, December 8th│13:00 - 15:00 CET


For close to 30 years the Early Childhood Program (ECP) of the Open Society Foundations has contributed enormously to elevating early years as the crucial period in life. It started with early education through the comprehensive Step by Step Program across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and it then broadened its scope, following the same rights-based approach and the same determination to make a difference for all children, but especially for the most vulnerable ones. As it closes down at the end of 2020, we look back at the huge contributions they have made towards changing early childhood systems across the globe, investing in forward-looking networks and civil society organizations and in building a solid global infrastructure of knowledge, expertise, innovative programs and practices, and a fertile ground for cross-country learning. Join us to celebrate their visionary leadership and the catalytic role they have played in building the early years field.




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