Ionescu, M, Tankersley, D., Trikic, Z., Vonta, T.
Published in:
ISSA - International Step by Step Association
the Netherlands

A Systemic Approach to Quality in Early Childhood Services for Children from 3 to 10 Years of Age

The power of early childhood education and care (ECEC) interventions in transforming the lives of very young children is highly dependent on the quality of the services provided. More recently, evidence has increased the focus on the value of process quality as determinant of the outcomes.

This study documents ISSA’s work on process quality improvement to support member organisations in their efforts to contribute to systemic and professional changes in their respective countries. A concrete set of resources, tools and mechanisms – the ISSA’s Competent Educators of the 21st Century: Principles of Quality Pedagogy and its Quality Resource Pack – supports the members to promote inclusive quality practices in early childhood education and care (ECEC) services for children aged 3 to 10.

This study was commissioned to learn how much the resources and the support provided to ISSA members managed to determine new approaches, new practices and influence new policies. Equally important was being able to share the learning journey of ISSA both as a learning community and as a reflexive network which deeply believes in the co-construction of knowledge, transnational networks of support, nurturing innovation and empowering agents of change.

The structure of this study consists of four parts. Parts I and II provide the conceptual framework and the contextual background for the development of the ISSA’s work on quality improvement in ECEC. Part III is the core of the study, presenting the main findings of ISSA members’ use of the QRP and its influence on ECEC practice and policy. Part IV summarizes the lessons learned.