Date: 16-10-2018

NEWS - Pervasive School Bullying causes Serious Damage to Society

Against School Aggression Project has released a vision document with recommendations against bullying for anyone involved in education and school policy making. The document comprises the outcomes of a three year project, in which several international partners took inventory on the impact and long-lasting damage caused by bullying and interscholar violence.


The findings are alarming and should certainly raise awareness among educators and the society at large. Combining several levels of feedback, the team specifically stressed the enduring consequences for individuals, schools and adjecent systems, such as the professional environment and the overall society. Not only does bullying deeply compromise the mental and physical health of a person, it also seriously effects the academic performances in future life and career. At the frequency and pervasiveness in which bullying currently is present (without regressive interventions), the system itself appears to be highly corrupting its existential task to prepare citizens for a succesfull life in the community. The research team points out that lack of will of school boards to combat bullying is the prime cause of enduring probems. 

Damaging systems
Concluding: school systems that exist to educate people and help them to become vital, reciprocative and politically engaged citizens, subsequently create a vast amount of damaged people whom have (to various extends) lost the ability to participate in society. Bullying causes a chain of problems which do not remain limited to school yards and locker rooms. Although the team took inventory of interpersonal aspects mostly, economical damage is prevalent as well: loss of public wealth due to unnecesary failing of school investments, mental and physical illness causing unemployment, poverty and or independance on welfare and care systems. It is therefore paramount for institutions to critically review their responsibilty and acknowledge their lasting influence in the devastation (or success) of people brought to their care. With such conclusions, European policy on bullying is very much in order.


The three-year project, funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, was implemented through the international cooperation among Partners Hungary FoundationPartners Bulgaria Foundation and SOS Solidarity Overseas Malta. All recommendations are drawn from the experience of Partners Hungary Foundation, SOS Malta, Partners Bulgaria Foundation, Szolnok school in Hungary, schools in Bulgaria and services in Malta, during and beyond the implementation of ASAP (Against School Aggression Project). All conclusions and recomendations find their origin in a number of (research) programs, to be found via

The vision/recommendation document can be found HERE.