Date: 06-11-2018

TRAINING - Special Bonus Session added to Fundraising for Non-Profits

Come join ISSA on this wonderful learning opportunity. A two-day training, designed to help associations, networks and other non-profit organizations to become more sustainable by exploring how to successfully raise funds from private sources such as foundations, companies and individuals. We will look at how to do this nationally and internationally to ensure the continuance of your projects or even core costs. Participants will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to secure more resources, whether they are brand new to fundraising or have previous experience but want to improve their results. A full description of this great learning opportunity can be found here.

ISSA has developed this training in cooperation with Bernard Ross, director of The Management Centre, to make sure it exactly meets your needs. The practical examples and approaches which will be shared will be relevant for other Non-Profits. Target audience for this highly effective training are Managers and Fundraisers from Non-Profit Organizations and Associations, representatives of network organizations.

Special Bonus Session (updated)

Bernard Ross of the Management Centre will share powerful insights from his new bestselling book Change for GoodThe book combines insights from Nobel prize-winners Kahneman and Thaler plus practical experience of how UNICEF and others are using these insights to improve their impact.

We’ll explore how these insights from behavioural economics and neuroscience are changing the way we think about how people make decisions. We’ll come to understand that people act in entirely predictable ways, but their behaviour is not entirely rational.