Lazor Obradović T., Obradović, M., et al.
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Pokretanje i upravljanje terenskim radom u podršci ranom razvoju dece iz marginalizovanih grupa
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Know How Centre
Tatjana Lazor Obradović,

Outreach Work in Support to ECD of Children from Marginalized Groups-Manual for Organizations & Outreach Workers

The manual for organizations and outreach workers - Establishing and Management of Outreach Work in Support to Early Childhood Development of Children from Marginalized Groups is a result of the project "Supporting the Early Childhood Development of children from marginalized groups in Novi Sad" implemented in 2015/2016 and financed by Otto per Mille Valdese Organization.

This manual is a contribution to the development of low budget, practical, outreach programs in the local community which can have a huge strategic impact on social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups including families coming from poverty, families with children with developmental delays and difficulties, single parent families or foster families. The manual can be used by organizations willing to start similar programs and also by field workers including volunteers.