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Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step

Manual for Educators and Parents for use of Picture Books - Macedonian

Manual for educators and parents for use of picture books is an adaptation of ISSA’s activity books "Opening Magic Doors – Reading and Learning together with children" done by Step by Step Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Macedonia (FECIM). The ISSA's activity books are adapted for eight of the 20 children's picture books that FECIM had selected to publish under the USAID "Readers are Leaders Project".

Additionally, the project team developed activities and guidelines for reading and learning with young children for the remaining 12 picture books. In this manual, educational and creative activities combining reading, math, science, and art are offered for all 20 picture books, along with recommendations for how both parents and educators can adapt these activities for different age groups of preschool and early-grade children, in accordance to the children’s needs and interests.