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ICDI - International Child Development Initiatives
The Netherlands
Margaret Kernan,

The Nest Center: a Home Away from Home

The Nest Center is an open, close-to-home type of center, where a stable, fixed group of 30 to 60 children aged 7-16 from multi-problem families spend time before and/or after school, and in weekends and holidays.

The overall objective of the Nest Center is to provide children from multi-problem families with a safe space, where they can enjoy interaction with peers and adults in leisure and learning activities, to enhance their psychosocial well-being and strengthen their resilience.

For each child attending the Nest Center an Individual Action Plan (IAP) will be formulated, with clear, mutually agreed upon goals and activities (contributing to the afore mentioned overall objective). This IAP will be regularly monitored and adapted to give the best possible support to a child.