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Date: 13-04-2022

Bulgarian advocates raise awareness about the importance of ECD amid refugee wave

For Our Children Foundation and Trust for Social Achievement, ISSA Members who co-lead the First Years First Priority Campaign efforts in Bulgaria are adapting their work to respond to the needs of families and children fleeing Ukraine.  

Despite an increased focus on early childhood development in recent years, vulnerable children aged 0-3 are continuously overlooked. For this age group, there are very few targeted measures. Additionally, there is a widespread lack of awareness about the importance of how crucial this period is to reverse the impact of adverse circumstances. For Our Children Foundation and Trust for Social Achievement use the efforts of the Campaign, alongside the members of the coalition they work with, to advocate for more focused attention on the earliest years of life. 

Read more about the context in Bulgaria, how these organizations have adapted their work, and the importance of the Campaign in their advocacy efforts on the Campaign website. 

Photo courtesy of Iliyan Ruzhin, For Our Children Foundation, Trust for Social Achievement