Date: 12-02-2019

NEWS – Unveiling Pre-Conference Workshops #4 and #9

On 17 June 2019 we offer nine highly informative Pre-conference Workshops. Are you coming to Leiden a day ahead of the ISSA Conference? Here is your initial guide to two of the full set of workshops.


#4 Early Childhood Education and Care for Refugee Children

Offered by SARDES (with VBJK, Cambridge University & Oslo Metropolitan University)


This one-day seminar focuses on inspiring examples of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) for refugee children of preschool age in four West European countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Norway). The aim is to share these examples and present a toolbox for professional development of ECEC professionals and volunteers. The seminar is organized in the context of the MyREF Erasmus+ project Multilingual early childhood education and care for young refugee children.

The theme
The theme of this seminar was chosen because refugee children in the preschool age are often neglected in national and local policies. In spite of non-existing or unclear policies, we identified many inspirational practices that we want to share with the participants.

A number of keynote speakers will present current issues around: young refugee children and trauma (Ilse Derluyn, Ghent), young refugee children and play (Kris Kalkman, Trondheim), young refugee children and language.

See the full description HERE


#9 Partnering with Young Children across Sectors - Beginning a Movement

Offered by Learning for Well-Being Foundation (L4WB)


This one-day workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of note-worthy practices in the collaboration among (young) children and adults, and to involve participants in contributing to the definition and development of a new international initiative that supports partnership between generations – for the sake of social equity and sustainability.

The theme
The theme of the workshop highlights ways for very young children to fulfil their right to be heard and to be taken seriously in discussions involving well-being outcomes for children and adults.

Luis Pinto (Learning for Well-being Foundation) will facilitate the workshop. Several other presenters will offer case-studies on working with young children, and share the intention and activities of “act2gether” initiative.

See the full description HERE