Date: 22-03-2017

Evidence brief from Aflatoun’s Aflatot program highlights the value of playful, meaningful learning

ISSA member Aflatoun’s Aflatot program published an evidence brief in March, which indicates that Aflatot succeeds in improving the socioemotional outcomes for children. The brief underlined the importance of the program, which is founded on the idea that children can develop tools for sharing, saving and buying in a playful way. Aflatot’s active learning approach aids young children in the development of life skills and attitudes to become empowered learners. The evidence brief found that children are much more likely to think and act independently after participation in the Aflatot program. Additionally, children are better able to maintain mutual, positive relationships with other children and adults. The Aflatot program’s impressive results prove the need for social and financial education for young children. These are vital skills that help children believe in their ability to change their situations and enhance society as a whole. The learning experiences during preschool, and in programs such as Aflatot, are the basis of a child’s later years. This evidence brief can be downloaded on the Aflatoun website here.