Date: 14-03-2017

Preschool Summer School Supports Syrian Refugees

ISSA Member in Turkey ACEV are supporting Syrian refugee children with their Preschool Summer Schools in Istanbul. Designed to prepare children developmentally and culturally for the Turkish school system, the Summer School aims to ensure that six-year-old Syrian children continue their education in formal Turkish primary schools. ACEV has been providing such programs to areas with low access to preschool education for 14 years. The Summer Preschool Program was able to provide services for 128 children with the help of 18 teachers. As their work intensifies, ACEV have produced a short video that documents their work in Istanbul while hoping to influence aid organization to further educational policies and projects that address Syrian refugee children’s education and developmental needs The video entitled “Summer Preschool Program for Syrian Refugee Children,” highlights the need for critical preschool education programs for refugee children. ACEV carried this program out with the support of Siemens Turkey and Plan International.