Date: 01-06-2018

CALL FOR ACTION – Save a mobile library in Macedonia

June 1, 2018

As many ISSA members in Eastern Europe celebrate Children’s Day today, the reality of funding limitations for programs that support young children underscores the festivities. Funding cuts often hit the most essential programs—the very programs that give vulnerable children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In honor of Children’s Day, the ISSA network joins together to save one of these essential programs.  

 The Program

“The entire atmosphere is interesting; it is so much different than a classroom. Even for us (grown-ups) it is much more interesting,” – a primary school teacher

The Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step - Macedonia, has developed an innovative solution to a widespread problem. Many Macedonian schools, especially those in rural areas and remote/satellite school buildings, do not have libraries. When they do, the selection of children’s books is often limited. Faced with this challenge, Step by Step - Macedonia, created a mobile library. The Books on Wheels van travels to isolated areas to bring children the delight of exploration through learning, play and laughter.

 The Challenge

The day when the mobile library visited our school was the best day of my life!” – a student

Funding for this program will soon come to an end. Isolated communities are at risk of losing this chance for their children to feel the joy of browsing and selecting their favorite books from library shelves.

 The Call

I wish my room at home looked like this mobile library – filled with books and a cosy reading corner!” – a student

To keep the mobile library going for the upcoming school year, 16,500 euros must be raised. What will your contributions support?

  • 10 euros will buy two new books
  • 30 euros will buy stationery for the library
  • 50 euros will provide new math games, puzzles and educational resources
  • 70 euros will provide gas and pay tools for the van to travel to the remote areas
  • 100 euros will enable 20 children to attend a library party to celebrate International Literacy Day and other important dates
  • 100 euros will provide the monthly maintenance costs for the mobile library
  • 100 euros will provide the driver and librarian/ educational coordinator fee for a day visit in schools

Especially today, we hope you will join in celebrating families, communities and professionals who work together to empower each child to reach her or his unique potential. We hope you will take a moment to reflect on what you will do to celebrate children? What action will you take?

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