Date: 14-04-2022

Partners Hungary: supporting Ukrainian refugee children and families

Erzsi Nagy from ISSA Member Partners Hungary Alapítvány shares how she has been helping Ukrainian refugees in Hungary.

Date: 08-04-2022

REYN marks International Roma Day

Today, International Roma Day, Romani Early Years Network (REYN) urges you to remember vulnerable Roma families who are facing additional hardships due to the war in Ukraine.

Let's Learn Without Borders!

The project "Let's Learn without Borders" was created by the Ukrainian Institute of Education Development (UIED) in response to the current crisis in Ukraine.

Date: 24-03-2022

Resources to help Ukrainian children continue their education

ISSA and the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation have developed a flyer to share educational resources for children and families.

Online Education for Children of Ukraine

Children’s education must go on! A new online platform is supporting families and children affected by the war in Ukraine to easily access distance learning.

Date: 14-03-2022

Call open for funds to support children and families displaced from Ukraine

ISSA Member, Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) has opened a call for organizations who are responding to meet the needs of recently displaced communities from Ukraine.

Date: 01-03-2022

Editorial: The first years of life must be the first priority

Eurochild and ISSA urge Europe to make the first years of life the first priority in times of peace, and even more in times of war.

Building of Early Childhood Intervention in Ukraine

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services started to develop in Ukraine as an initiative of NGO organizations in 2000. During the last years, ECI has been actively developing in several Ukrainian regions. A Consortium of Ukrainian and international organizations started in 2008 lobbying for the development of a mational ECI system in Ukraine. The consortium consists of SOFT Tulip, four NGO from different regions of Ukraine and the National Assembly of People with Disabilities, which are actively involved in the process at regional and national levels.

Creating Inclusive Resource Centers

Inclusive Resource Centers (IRC) in five sites in four regions were developed under the programme supported  by USAID. Their main purpose is to provide complex inter-sectorial support to children with special needs, their parents and teachers working with these children in pre-school and primary classrooms trough psychological-medical-pedagogical consultations. 

The main achievements included:

1) increased number of services for parents of children with special needs;

2) increased level of trust;

3) more competent teachers.

Building of an Early Childhood Intervention system in Ukraine

The intervention “Building of an Early Childhood Intervention system in Ukraine” is based on the strategy that was developed for building four good ECI practices in four pilot regions and combines lobbying and advocacy at the regional and national level. The experience gained during the four pilots form the basis for the policies at the national level.