Date: 17-05-2022

Diversity+ project meeting, Leiden

As a partner of the Diversityproject, ISSA hosted a two-day transnational meeting in its Leiden office on Thursday, 12 and Friday 13 May.

Date: 13-09-2018

NEWS - ISOTIS makes the case for inter-agency work

A new publication from the ISOTIS project focuses on successful inter-agency work for lower socioeconomic status, immigrant and Romani Families in Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal and the UK.

Date: 12-06-2018

NEWS - June is UK Romani History Month

Celebrating the Romani culture: Activities in (pre)school classrooms all over the United Kingdom
Date: 29-03-2018

A practical guide for child protection in the early years

A new, practical guide shows early years professionals how to create supportive environments for young children who have faced adverse experiences.