Health and hygiene interventions targeting Roma families with children aged 0-1 years


In Macedonia, Governmental prevention programs for reproductive and child health are offered. In those programs, it is also included the program for active protection of the mother and children.

Roma community in Macedonia during the crises with COVID-19

During the pandemic, the NGO “KHAM" Delcevo had an important role to play in raising awareness among the Roma community about how to be protected from COVID-19.  In order to achieve our objectives we implemented online education for pregnant women about going to the Gynecologist and taking care of their children’s physical and mental health. Also, we supported Roma children living in poverty, and families with low income to attend the online education. Finally, we supported Roma families who were affected by the economic crisis to apply for social welfare benefits.

Manual for Educators and Parents for use of Picture Books

Manual for educators and parents for use of picture books is an adaptation of ISSA’s activity books "Opening Magic Doors – Reading and Learning together with children" done by Step by Step Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Macedonia (FECIM). The ISSA's activity books are adapted for eight of the 20 children's picture books that FECIM had selected to publish under the USAID "Readers are Leaders Project".

Handbook for Work with Students with Disabilities for Improving Literacy and Numeracy Skills - Macedonian

Handbook with activities for work with students with disabilities for improving their literacy and numeracy skills contains 20 activities for lower grades of the primary school . Two special educators from a special primary school in Macedonia made an adaptation of ten activities from each of the two previously published handbooks (“Step by Step to Literacy” and “Learn Math through Play”).

Math through Play - 50 Activities for Improving Student Numeracy Skills

The Macedonian handbook Math through play is comprised of 50 activities that aim to improve lower grade students’ numeracy skills. All activities are divided in six teaching and learning areas (Numbers; Math Operations; Measurement; Data Analysis; Word problems and Geometry) as defined in the Macedonian national teaching curricula. The Handbook describes each activity separately, including the necessary materials, the preparation process and the method of conducting the activity. Additionally, each activity is supported with one or more photos presenting the preparation process.

Step by Step to Literacy - 50 Activities for Improving Student Literacy Skills

The Macedonian handbook Step by Step to Literacy- 50 activities for improving student literacy skills is composed of 50 activities divided in six teaching and learning areas (Listening and talking; Reading and writing; Language; Literature; Verbal expression and creative writing and Media culture) as defined in the Macedonian national teaching curricula for the first three grades.

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