Date: 29-08-2023

Role models in the early years: Young Roma Teachers in Bulgaria

In July 2023, ISSA Member, the Trust for Social Achievement held a Peer Learning Activity on "Role models in early childhood" in Lukovit, Bulgaria.

Learning Together

The Learning Together project has created a network of 15 Centres for Peer Support, which provide a platform for mutual learning across institutions. This platform provides peer support across eight kindergartens and eight primary schools to help improve the competences of teachers, create practice-based resources for staff, and organize internships for educators.

Supporting Development of Early Inclusive Education in Tbilisi Kindergartens

Supporting  Development of Early Inclusive Education in Tbilisi Kindergartens is a project aiming to support development of early childhood inclusive education: 1) by empowering mainstream kindergarten teachers and specialists working in kindergartens through modelling, practicing and sharing experiences, 2) by training Tbilisi Kindergarten Management Agency monitors/advisory team in observing, assessing and monitoring skills, using service standards developed by UNICEF Georgia and 3) by developing and conducting university accredited certificated courses for kindergarten practitioners and

Building Bridges: Bridging the Gap - Supporting wellbeing, learning, development and integration of young refugee and migrant children

A guidebook which aims to support and inform the work of kindergarten teachers engaged in kindergartens in refugee camps on the Aegean islands, but can also be of help in various kindergarten settings.The guidebook besides hints on how to support kindergarten teachers, addresses topics such as cr

My Rights and your Rights are Equal: How to Encourage Diversity and Respect from Kindergarten Age

This resources provides in depth information needed to adapt early childhood education and care programs to be inclusive. Special focus is on inclusion of ethnic minorities, in particular the Roma, inclusion of children with special needs, and avoiding gender stereotyping.

About Diversity and Friendship in Preschool & Kindergarten

This resource is a collection of personal stories and experiences shared by people marginalised due to their ethnicity or level of ability. The views and the voices of these people are presented in a way to evoke solidarity and emphaty.

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual

The Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education is a ground-breaking manual which uses a permacultural lens to inspire child-friendly approaches to embed education for a sustainable future into preschool, kindergarten and primary school programs.

Activity Book for Early Childhood Educators

Activity book for early childhood educators contains a body of activities for early childhood educators for planning for integrated teaching using a thematic approach.

ECD-QUAT: Quality Assessment Tool for Early childhood Development Services for Young Children

Ensuring quality in early years services is essential for young children's well-being and healthy development.

National Guidelines for the Inclusion of Roma Children and their Parents

The Slovenian National Guidelines for the inclusion of Roma children and their parents into preschool programs are aimed at kindergarten and municipalities as decision makers in the field of early childhood education.