Date: 28-09-2023

Lecture: the power and potential of a network to create impact for young children

ISSA Members convened during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023 to continue exploring ways to engage in network activities in the ECD field.

Date: 28-09-2023

The ISSA Network Consults on a Framework for Continuous Professional Development Providers

The PIQET project consulted ISSA Members and partners on a quality framework for CPD providers during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023

Date: 28-09-2023

ISSA Network hosts workshop on conceptualizing a quality framework for non-formal ECEC services

Participants of ISSA Connects for Learning 2023 co-created a concept for a quality framework for non-formal ECEC services.

Date: 31-03-2023

Bulgaria’s five largest cities receive psychosocial support training

In Bulgaria, ISSA Member For Our Children Foundation coordinated the training of 103 early years professionals in psychological first aid.

Date: 11-12-2017

Workshop about the effects of segregated education of Roma children

An international workshop and meeting on the segregated education of Roma children will be hosted in Budapest January 25th- 26th.

Date: 28-11-2017

"The Little Captain and the Great Calm Sea"

On November 20-21, ISSA members Sardes (the Netherlands) and the Neohumanist Education European Network (Romania) organised a Peer Learning Activity in Utrecht about the role of yoga and meditation

Date: 21-09-2017

Workshops for young parents in Latvia

Latvian member “Center for Educational Initiatives” has launched a new initiative - in cooperation with the Jekabpils Municipality - to strengthen and educate parents.