Date: 24-10-2023

ISSA welcomes a new Member in Tajikistan: Nuri Hidoyat

Nuri Hidoyat, is a non-governmental organization in Tajikistan which works to ensure that every child has access to quality, holistic and inclusive care and education. 

Date: 28-09-2023

REYN Workshop focuses on quality early childhood development for Roma and Traveller Children

REYN, an initiative of ISSA, shared findings of the REYN Early Childhood Research Study, during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023

TOY to Share, Play to Care: Impact Evaluation and Policy Recommendations Executive Summary

TOY to Share, Play to Care is a two-year project (January 2019 – January 2021) that builds on previous work undertaken by International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI), a Netherlands-based non-governmental organization.

Date: 15-05-2020

Shining a light on the family in times of crisis

This year, International Families Day looks very different. We use today to thank them for being a source of support for one another, and the children in their lives. 
Date: 15-04-2020

ISSA Member puts the focus on values in classrooms

CEI's School of Values is training teachers to focus on children's hearts as well as their brains.

Date: 17-09-2019

Announcing the Program and Keynote Speakers of International Conference Equality and Inclusion

International Conference Equality and Inclusion in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 28-29 November 2019 welcomes professionals, policymakers and researchers.

Education for diversity toolkit: Program for adults working with and for children

This toolkit represents the compilation of different programs and specific activities developed by ISSA and its members over the past 15 years.

Embracing Diversity. Creating Equitable Societies Through Personal Transformation. Program for Adults, Training Manual

Embracing Diversity Training program for adults promotes the values of anti-discrimination, anti-bias, equity and respect for diversity in different settings: in communities, at the workplace, and in society.

Inclusive Education

The manual “Inclusive Education” describes the conceptual principles of inclusive education, international and national legislation in a field of inclusive education, experience of inclusive education implementing in other countries, public-state governance of inclusive education.

Organizational-Methodological Grounds of Inclusive Resource Centers' Activities

The purpose of this manual is to equip members of Inclusive Resource Centers (IRC), parents of children with special needs, schools and other institutions dealing with the issues of inclusive education, providing special support to children with special needs with necessary practical information.