Date: 29-01-2024

ISSA welcomes new Members: Meet All Digital and Eurochild

Through mutual membership, ISSA welcomes two fellow associations as new Members.

Date: 10-01-2024

GREELCO platform: A new way to connect and learn with ECEC professionals

The Green Learning Community (GREELCO) project launches its platform, which serves as an online communication and collaboration hub that connects Early Childhood Education and Care professionals across Europe.

Date: 12-12-2023

REYN Study: stimulating data-informed decisions for young Roma children in Europe

In 2023, REYN focused on working with key stakeholders in Europe to stimulate for policy action to improve the status of young Roma children and their families.

Date: 11-12-2023

The ISSA Network Advantage: Prioritizing ECD while Responding to the Needs of families impacted by the war in Ukraine

The ISSA network continued a strategic and adaptive approach to support families impacted by the war in Ukraine in 2023.

Date: 28-09-2023

REYN Workshop focuses on quality early childhood development for Roma and Traveller Children

REYN, an initiative of ISSA, shared findings of the REYN Early Childhood Research Study, during ISSA Connects for Learning 2023

Date: 27-09-2023

REYN Early Childhood Research Study launches today

The European REYN Early Childhood Research Study (the REYN Study) provides an examination of the status of young Roma children and their families across Europe.

Date: 20-03-2023

Supporting local governments to build comprehensive early childhood services – experience from Slovenia

Recently, six ISSA Members joined a Primokiz training in Romania. The Step by Step Center for Quality in Education shares the network benefit of this workshop.

Date: 16-03-2023

Four additional ISSA Member organizations receive training on the Primokiz approach

In February 2023, ISSA trainers and teams from countries already implementing the Primokiz approach provided a training to four additional ISSA Member organizations on the Primokiz methodology.

Date: 15-03-2023

First Years, First Priority Campaign coalition makes the case for an integrated early childhood system in Bulgaria

On behalf of the First Years, First Priority national campaign coalition, ISSA Member, For Our Children Foundation urged the Bulgarian government to focus on developing an integrated system for ECEC.

ECD activity cards

The ECD Activity Cards were developed by UNICEF and ISSA as a practical tool to support the planning of Early Learning and Play Groups (ELPG) as part of the daily management of Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in refugee homes.