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Date: 16-05-2024

My Dad's Journey - Engaging Men in Nurturing Care

ISSA proudly presents "My Dad's Journey," an endearing animated short film that underscores the indispensable role fathers play in nurturing their children. 

Date: 15-05-2024

Webinar: Fathers matter, too! Supporting men's engagement in young children's care and development

This webinar introduced the Engaging Men in Nurturing Care initiative, active across Italy, Portugal, and Spain. You may find the webinar recording and materials here.

Module 24: Using Telehealth in Home Visitation

The term telehealth intervention implies the use of electronic platforms or apps such as telephone calls, video meetings and conferences, text messaging, the use of various online apps and social media tools or content presented on online platforms as resources utilised to provide support to individuals or families.
Module 24 aims to enable reflection on the ways in which telehealth resources can enrich current family support programs based on home visits, including the polyvalent home visiting services in

The ISSA Network Advantage - Prioritizing young children's development in emergencies

In emergencies, the amount of investment in ECD is scarce and very fragmented. More than half of humanitarian and refugee response plans focus on immediate needs while neglecting the overall development, learning and well-being of the youngest children and their caregivers. Due to its complexity, ECD can be best guaranteed within a multisectoral and integrated approach, mobilizing various resources in a well-coordinated manner.

Module 23: Becoming a parent: Prenatal visits to families

Transition to parenthood is one of the major transition points in individual and family life courses. It mobilizes personal identities, relations, and gender roles within families and imposes a series of (expected) changes that result in capacity building, the development of new behaviours, roles, and relationships in order to adapt to being a parent. Changes in a woman’s body and prenatal growth and development of the unborn child are certainly the most obvious aspects of the prenatal period.

EECERA Conference | Developing Sustainable Early Childhood Education Systems

Title: EECERA Conference | Developing Sustainable Early Childhood Education Systems Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2024 - 08:00 End date: Friday, September 06, 2024 - 15:00 Location: University of Brighton, United Kingdom Register before: Monday, July 08, 2024 - 15:00 Organised by: European Early Childhood Education Research Association

EECERA Conference | Developing Sustainable Early Childhood Education Systems: Comparisons, Contexts and the Cognoscenti


Date: 29-08-2023

Role models in the early years: Young Roma Teachers in Bulgaria

In July 2023, ISSA Member, the Trust for Social Achievement held a Peer Learning Activity on "Role models in early childhood" in Lukovit, Bulgaria.

Date: 08-06-2023

ISSA Joins a New Partnership Under the Green Learning Community Project

GREELCO partnership aims to create an online learning community that connects ECEC professionals. 

Date: 31-05-2023

ISSA Member from Moldova Learned about Early Intervention in the Netherlands

Marina Calac, a pediatrician at the National Institute for Early Intervention, sharing her impressions on the study visit to the Netherlands. 

Prioritising the professionalisation of early childhood education and care staff

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services for children under six years of age play a fundamental role in laying strong foundations for lifelong learning and wellbeing, especially in the first three years of life. Quality ECEC services can make an extraordinary difference in children’s lives, especially for the most disadvantaged. Research indicates that children from vulnerable groups derive even greater benefit from high-quality ECEC than their peers from more advantaged families.

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