Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace | برنامج مهارات الحياة والثقافة المالية من أجل السلام

The ultimate goal of Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace Manual is to enhance the activity of children and young people as Peace Builders. An estimated 230 million children worldwide currently live in conflict-affected areas. Alfatoun's work starts with an acknowledgement that poverty and injustice are both major causes and major consequences of conflict. Poverty, injustice and conflict combine to create vicious cycles capable of denying peace and prosperity across many decades.

Aflatoun Non Formal Education (social and financial education)

The Aflatoun Manual for Non Formal Education is developed for all children who happen to be learning in a non-formal environment. The partnership with Liliane Fonds has encouraged us to pay particular attention to issues of inclusivity and diversity, especially where disabled children are involved. It is a sobering thought that around the world, the majority of children with disabilities remain out of schools.

AFLATOT Manual (Social and Financial Education for Early Childhood)

The Aflatot program for children who have not yet entered primary school (typically 3 to 6yrs old) aims at providing the building blocks of social and financial literacy, equipping children with the skills and competencies that will ensure they contribute to sustainable development – individually and collectively. The Aflatoun Manual should be used by professional teachers or facilitators who are equipped with Aflatoun technique and pedagogic to deliver sessions from the manual.