Reading Corner Kits - Opening Magic Doors: Reading and Learning Together with Children (4-5 YRS)

ISSA has created three Activity Kits to accompany selected groups of Reading Corner books. The Kits offer teachers, parents, and caregivers guidance on the most efficient ways to engage children in exciting and meaningful learning, using books as a starting point for inquiry and action. Each kit includes an Activity Book and 4 of the Reading Corner children’s books, chosen for age appropriateness.  The different kits are for the following ages:

The Coconut Tree

Arielle is given a little coconut plant as a present. She plants the tree, watches it grow, bloom flowers and finally produces coconuts. A hurricane does major damage to many of the neighborhood plants including uprooting the coconut tree. The cycle of life goes on when two small coconuts are found and are planted, giving rise to two new plants.
Written by Ghyslaine Rochelin (Haiti)

Rita and the Parrot

Rita finds a young parrot in the garden and brings it home. The parrot learned to repeat everything Rita said, driving her parents crazy. Fearing her parents will force her to let the parrot go, Rita decides to run away with the parrot. The misadventure and Rita are saved from disaster by the talking parrot.