Date: 18-09-2020

Playing at Home is also Learning

Parents in Flanders, Belgium, tell through pictures what their children learn at home by playing. Two months without school and preschool. Two months without learning? Not at all, because playing is learning.

Date: 22-07-2020

Early Childhood Education Included in the National Defense Strategy of Romania

Interview with the Executive Director of Step by Step Centre for Education and Professional Development Romania Carmen Lică.

Date: 16-06-2020

Blended Learning is the Apex of Education Nowadays  

After many years of experience in the country, ISSA Member Step by Step Albania has encountered an unprecedented situation after the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak was announced.

Date: 11-06-2020

The EDUCAS Project Focuses on Educare Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 has impacted the activities of the EDUCAS project, partners have found ways to adjust their work.  

Date: 27-03-2020

ISSA embarks on a partnership with The Human Safety Net

A new partnertship focused on maximizing the quality and impact of programs for supporting responsive parenting. 

Date: 18-09-2019

ISSA Endorses Position Statement on Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education

ISSA supports position statement from NAEYC and embraces efforts to advance equity in early childhood education. 

Date: 09-09-2019

How do parents and staff view ECEC spaces in Italy

EDUCAS focus groups aimed at better understanding parent and practitioner ideas about ECEC spaces. In Italy, several commonalties emerged.

Date: 24-07-2019

Insights from the Eurydice 2019: Key Data Report on Early Childhood Education and Care

Early childhood education and care is increasingly acknowledged as providing the foundations for lifelong learning and development. The second edition of Key Data on Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe charts the progress made in the key quality areas identified in the Council Recommendation on High Quality ECEC Systems.

Date: 09-07-2019

Invitation: Equality and Inclusion Conference in the Netherlands in November

Save the date for the international conference on equality and inclusion that will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on the 28th and 29th of November 2019.

Date: 16-01-2019

INTERVIEW – Leslie Falconer: ‘Peer Learning Activities address Complex Challenges’

Blessed with the opportunity to speak face to face with so many people from our member organizations at the Annual Council meeting, we took the opportunity to sit down and ask how things are truly going. In the professional atmosphere and on a bigger scale.