Module 24: Using Telehealth in Home Visitation

The term telehealth intervention implies the use of electronic platforms or apps such as telephone calls, video meetings and conferences, text messaging, the use of various online apps and social media tools or content presented on online platforms as resources utilised to p

The ISSA Network Advantage - Prioritizing young children's development in emergencies

In emergencies, the amount of investment in ECD is scarce and very fragmented. More than half of humanitarian and refugee response plans focus on immediate needs while neglecting the overall development, learning and well-being of the youngest children and their caregivers.

Module 9: Home Environment and Safety

Injury is a leading cause of death and disability globally for children 5 to 19 years of age. The majority are unintentional injuries – injuries that result from an unintended incident without anyone intending that harm be done to children.

Module 23: Becoming a parent: Prenatal visits to families

Transition to parenthood is one of the major transition points in individual and family life courses.
Date: 04-10-2023

ISSA Member pilots promising Nurse-Family Partnership home visiting program in Bulgaria

ISSA Member Trust for Social Achievement pursues national implementation of home visiting program following positive local pilots in key Bulgarian cities.

Module 22: Protecting young children from vaccine preventable diseases

“Immunization is one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives and promote good health and well-being. Every year, vaccines save 2-3 million lives, and millions more are protected from disease and disability.

Module 21: The care of small and/or sick newborns

The Module “The care of small and/or sick newborns” is intended to support home visitors in providing advice and support to parents and families of small and/or sick newborns before and after the discharge from health facilities.

Module 20: Healthy weight, physical activity and sedentary time

The foundations of a healthy life style – healthy weight, an adequate amount of physical activity, and sufficient sleep – have their roots in the early years.

Module 19: First steps to preschool

This module presents key information on what you can do as a service provider to help parents understand the importance of quality early childhood education and care (ECEC).

Date: 28-01-2021

ECWI Launches Brief on Supporting the ECD Workforce Delivering Parenting Programs

This brief seeks to shed light on these questions, using the five priority actions to support the early childhood workforce outlined in ECWI’s COVID-19 Position Statement as a guide.