Date: 15-05-2023

Thirty Trainers Receive Psychological First Aid Training in Budapest 

ISSA's first in-person training in Budapest brings together professionals from four countries to learn trauma-informed practices.

Preschool Online Learning Community - video training

Under the initiative Preschool Online Learning Community, CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy partnered with UNICEF

Preschool Online Learning Community - Brochures for Families

CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy partnered with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological

Supporting the Early Development of Children in Informal Roma Settlements

The practice Supporting the early development of children in informal Roma settlements aims to improve the social inclusion of children aged birth to six and their families. The Know How Centre organizes activities aimed at enriching Roma parents' skills living in settlements to provide quality opportunities for their children to develop and learn and at enhancing the competencies of professionals working with young children.

The Novi Sad Intersectorial Network for Children - NSMEDE

Novi Sad Intersectorial Network for Children (NSMEDE) is a local inter-sectorial network aiming to provide a strategic and systematic framework for improving the position of children in Novi Sad. Through the establishment of a flexible model of inter-sectorial cooperation among actors at the local level, the practice works to develop an optimal environment for the development of all children. Activities are tailored to the specific needs of children in the community. The Network merges members' resources into an integrated, structured system of cooperation.

Online learning support to Roma children in grades I to IV of primary school

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis in Serbia, the Group for Children and Youth INDIGO, developed a noteworthy practice aiming at providing on-line learning support to Roma children enrolled in grades I to IV at the “Sreten Mladenovic Mika” Primary School. The learning support is provided three times a week, for three hours. One educator, one mediator and five volunteers work with 49 children (each person has seven children maximum in his/her group).

Calendar with ideas for the family activities

Calendar with ideas for the family was developed by the Center for Interactive Pedagogy as an immediate response to COVID-19 pandemic. The resource was developed with the ultimate aim to support parents/caregivers in organizing activities for their children during self-isolation.

An Integrated Approach to Educational Inclusion: Support for Early Development in Preventing Early Leaving/Drop-Out of Roma Children from the Education System

Full Title: Integralno dićhipe sićimašće inkluzijako: ažutipe rane barjarimasko ande funkcija e prevencijako katar o inklistipe andar o sićimasko sistemo ke rromane čhavorra, Integrisani pristup obrazovnoj inkluziji: podrška ranom razvoju u funkciji prevencije napušta

One in One-Hundred - Drivers of Success and Resilience among College-Educated Romani Adolescents in Serbia

One in a hundred Roma makes it to University, why is that?

Outreach Work in Support to ECD of Children from Marginalized Groups-Manual for Organizations & Outreach Workers

The manual for organizations and outreach workers - Establishing and Management of Outreach Work in Support to Early Childhood Development of Children from Marginalized Groups is a result of the project "Supporting the Early Childhood Development of children from marginalized groups in Novi Sad"