TOY for Inclusion aims to promote active involvement of Romani and non-Romani communities in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services. “Toy libraries” and Intergenerational Learning (IGL) activities aim to improve ECEC services in communities in seven countries. By engaging Romani and non-Romani children in toy libraries Toy for Inclusion combats segregation. Through IGL, this initiative addresses issues of discrimination faced by the very young and by older adults.


  1. To combat segregation, increase enrollment and promote inclusion through community empowerment, family involvement and intergenerational learning (IGL) in ECEC formal and non-formal settings involving Romani and non-Romani families.
  2. To build the capacity of community stakeholders working with Romani and non-Romani children to provide community-based ECEC services, strengthen social cohesion and combat segregation.
  3. To facilitate learning and exchange in practice and policy across countries on innovative approaches towards ECEC, social inclusion and desegregation of Romani.


  • Training on community based ECEC initiatives, to promote inclusion in formal and non-formal ECEC settings;
  • Participatory design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of pilot actions (toy library and IGL), through the creation of Local Action teams composed of Romani and non-Romani representatives of communities, existing services and local authorities to support community based ECEC activities in their communities;
  • Drafting of a ‘What Works Guide’ with recommendations and tips for practitioners and local authorities to implement community based ECEC for Romani and non-Romani children;
  • Knowledge sharing and dissemination among local, national and international stakeholders and policy makers.


Playing, reading and drawing is highly beneficial for the development of young children. TOY for Inclusion supports learning and playing for all children between 0 and 8 years old thanks to the creation of Play Hubs in 7 European countries.

Associazione 21 Luglio is organizing new magical experiences for children and parents attending the “Scuolina” (little school), in Rome.

During a three day "Training of Trainers", 20 professionals were trained. The training is part of the TOY for Inclus