Date: 08-02-2023

ISSA welcomes a new Member: Metropolia University, Finland

In November 2022, ISSA welcomed a new Member: The School of Wellbeing and Social Services at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Metropolia prides itself on supporting and activating learning and development for lifelong learners through their guidance and services. We asked Saila Nevanen, the lead lecturer of social well-being a few questions about Metropolia University and what they hope to gain and contribute as a Member of ISSA.  

What does your organization wish to change in people’s lives and how? 

Our main goal is to support our students´ skills and capacity to meet the needs of working life and society. We create flexible opportunities for individuals to learn and develop in different situations and areas of life.  

We recognize the need for fresh approaches, new ideas and innovations, and brave experimentation. At Metropolia, we want to be the platform for all of these things. Through our teaching, we emphasize the importance of creativity as a catalyst for ideas, solutions, and wellbeing. By joining ISSA, our team is focused on learning and contributing knowledge in the field of social wellbeing and learning for children and families.  

Do you have any positive anecdotes of stories about a child or family that your organization has supported?  

We have a great project with early education professionals called “Emotional skills and security through stories and narratives”. Within this program we co-create imaginary creatures with children  and build their characteristics, emotional skills, life environment, and lifestyle. We then use drama to bring this creature to life.  

This activity supports childrens emotional development, compassion and empathy. In addition, it offers a safe space to explore and experience both positive and challenging feelings. These narratives can be added to many of the everyday moments in early education units as well as at home.  

What knowledge or expertise can you offer to other organizations? 

Through our work we have diverse knowledge and good practices related to social pedagogy, participation, empowerment of children and families, sustainability, playful learning, creative and engaging methods, and transferable skills in early education. We also collaborate in many development and research projects.  

What challenges do you hope to get assistance with through your participation in the network? 

We are widely interested in collaboration around the wellbeing and learning of children and families. We look forward to learning and gaining inspiration as members of this great network! 

Photo: Ilona Puro - 
Olof the Snowman supports children in problem-based learning.

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