Bozidar Nikolic is a Pedagogical Assistant from Serbia, a big, fun guy. For 17 years he has been working to improve the education of Roma children in his own country.


Ibrahim always liked to talk, but when the topic of dinosaurs came up, he would speak passionately. He knows their difficult names, size and diet, how they lived and who their enemies were.


Children are born with a desire for peace. 'Peace in Your Hands' aims to encourage children, parents and teachers to realise: you can always find peace within yourself.


Award winning program is looking for an External Expert Quality Assurance Review and Report.


'There are four magic angles in integrated working:  a shared vision, time, sufficient support & guidance, and action.'

In the pilot 'Huizen van het Kind' (Homes of the Child) in Brussels, there are 2 levels on Integrated Systems according to Hester Hulpia of VBJK:


The Bernard van Leer Foundation recently released 'Early Childhood Matters 2018.'


The Childcare Unit of the City of Ghent is currently investigating several opportunities for a Peer Learning Activity which is to be called 'Methods for a Competent Early Childhood System.'


If integrated systems sound a little complex it is because they are. After all, how can systems address multifaceted issues without reviewing their complexities?


Cross-continental efforts for barrier free child participation in Minsk


ISSA comes with a new training on diversity issues in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care. This interactive, three-day course is given by Jelena Vranjesevic, Associate Professor at the Belgrade university and ISSA's own Senior Program Manager, Zorica Trikic.