Membership Services and Benefits

As an international learning community, ISSA unites and supports organizations focusing on early childhood development in Europe and Central Asia.
Being part of ISSA helps Members to connect to like-minded organizations as possible partners and opens up many opportunities for new knowledge. The ISSA Network is a powerful vehicle for you to learn, share, exchange, and co-create!

Knowledge Sharing and Information Services

  • Resources and noteworthy practices from the ISSA Network on the Knowledge Hub

  • Relevant resources and latest news from ISSA and the global ECD community through the ISSA Newsletter and Member Updates

  • News and information on Members’ achievements and expertise in the ISSA network and beyond, through the ISSA website and posts on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • News about relevant events in the Calendar on the ISSA’s homepage

  • Video recordings of online events on YouTube

  • Information about partnership/funding opportunities

  • Secretariat help desk and support

ISSA Events

  • ISSA’s open events: workshops, discussions, and networking

  • ISSA Conference and other (online) events with a discounted members’ registration fee or free of charge


The ISSA Network has a large reach, which can expand the international visibility of:

  • Your work and expertise

  • Your organization’s achievements, resources, best practices, and expertise featured in the ISSA Network and beyond through ISSA’s platforms

Connecting and Learning

  • Peer Learning Activities facilitated by ISSA - Member organizations have the chance to apply for joint activities to share their knowledge, exchange, further develop their learning strategies and share their knowledge with other members

  • Thematic meetings, workshops, webinars – professional development opportunities hosted for Members

  • ISSA Network events - ISSA Conference, ISSA Connects – events organized for the benefit of Members

  • License to ISSA’s resources

Mobilizing Expertise

  • Joint Learning Labs: the Labs represent a multi-year member-driven initiative focusing on creating learning communities around diverse thematic areas chosen by members

  • Cross-border collaboration on areas of common interest through joint initiatives or projects

ISSA Network Governance

  • Participate in steering the ISSA Network: Members can become candidates to join the Board or various committees

  • Members can have their say on key issues in the work of the Association. Full Members have voting rights to all ISSA’s elected bodies. ISSA’s Council consists of Full Members and influences ISSA with designing programs, settings priorities, and voting on strategy and policy. Affiliate Members do not have voting rights, but are encouraged to attend ISSA Council Meetings to help to improve and empower our network