Wonder and Beauty: Educare in ECEC spaces


Are you an ECEC professional, educator, pedagogical coach, programme coordinator, manager or trainer? join us for the interactive online event on June 22nd at 10 am CEST

During the two-hour session, we will share the answers we came to during the EDUCAS Project on the following questions:

How can...

  • an ECEC space be warm and welcoming?
  • we re-envisage a friendly ‘space’ both physically and emotionally also for families?
  • we better listen to children’s voices?
  • we join learning and playing?
  • we value the educational identity of the moments that children spend sleeping, eating and practicing hygiene?

Additionally, during the session, we will share the outcomes of the EDUCAS project, with a particular focus on how project partners succeeded in creating warm and inclusive environments.

You will be the first to see the EDUCAS Toolbox containing inspirational approaches, methodologies, and tools –from mood boards and mind maps, a 3D model for working with children to guidelines for involving parents creatively.

You will have the opportunity to join small groups to learn more about specific approaches, methodologies, and tools and get engaged in discussion with the colleagues:


Group 1 - What does this space need?

Using mood boards, mind maps and pedagogical documentation to redesign ECEC spaces

Group 2 - Listening to children

Let’s play with a 3D model

Group 3 - Local community is our classroom

Promoting an educare approach in outdoor spaces


A wide range of interactive tools, visuals, and illustrations will be used during the session to inspire discussions.

Presenters and small groups facilitators

Nima Sharmahd, Senior Researcher at VBJK (Center for Innovation in the Early Years), Belgium

Caroline Boudry, VBJK Center for Innovation in the Early Years, Belgium

Sara Berti, Dr. Psychology Research, UNIPR Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries of the University of Parma, Italy

Regina Sabaliauskiene, Director of the Center for Innovative Education in Lithuania


Zorica Trikic,  Senior Program Manager, ISSA, the Netherlands


     Video recordings

Plenary session 

Group 2 - Listening to children

Let’s play with a 3D model


Group 3 - Local community is our classroom

Promoting an educare approach in outdoor spaces





Project partners: