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Χτίζοντας γέφυρες - Γεφυρώνοντας το χάσμα Υποστηρίζοντας την ευημερία, τη μάθηση, την ανάπτυξη και την ένταξη των μικρών παιδιών προσφύγων και μεταναστών στην Ελλάδα
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ISSA, University of Patras and Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI)
Zorica Trikic, ztrikic@issa.nl

Building Bridges: Bridging the Gap - Supporting wellbeing, learning, development and integration of young refugee and migrant children

A guidebook which aims to support and inform the work of kindergarten teachers engaged in kindergartens in refugee camps on the Aegean islands, but can also be of help in various kindergarten settings.The guidebook besides hints on how to support kindergarten teachers, addresses topics such as creating safe, well structured, child friendly, and stimulating environments in camps; providing psychosocial support to children and families and dealing with trauma; supporting children who do not speak language of instruction. In the guidebook for each of the topics a set of suggested hands-on activities is provided alongside with theoretical explanations of the rationale behind them.