Support young children and families threatened by war in Ukraine! 

The war in Ukraine forced hundreds of thousands of children and families to flee their homes. Those who remain are facing great fear, uncertainty, and confusion. All are experiencing enormous trauma and we know from science that toxic stress has devastating effects on the development of young children. 

Since the first day of the war, the ISSA Network has mobilized to support young children and their families, both in Ukraine and in the countries receiving refugees. ISSA is a network of organizations dedicated to creating societies where families, communities, and professionals work together to empower each child to reach their unique potential and embrace values of social justice and equity.  

Your donation will support our Member Organizations who work to mitigate the consequences of this horrific and devastating war. It will fund: 

  • Emergency support for families with young children in disadvantaged communities  
  • Psychosocial support for refugee families with young children (in transit or settled) 
  • When the time comes (and we hope it is soon!), the reconstruction of early childhood development services in Ukraine

If your organization would like to provide financial support or partner with us, please contact us here

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