Date: 27-05-2019

Early Childhood Matters 2019 to be Launched at ISSA Conference

Did you know the 2019 edition of Early Childhood Matters (ECM) will be launched at the ISSA Conference in June? Internationally-acclaimed early childhood expert Joan Lombardi, guest-editor of this year’s edition, will help mark the launch as moderator of a plenary session focused on the publication.

During the plenary a panel of authors and experts will explore the contents of this publication. All ISSA Conference Participants will receive a printed copy of ECM 2019 along with the Conference materials.

About Early Childhood Matters

Published by Bernard van Leer Foundation, Early Childhood Matters is a publication that aims to inspire, inform and create action to improve the health and well-being of young children, and their caregivers. In the 2015 issue, ISSA contributed the article Quality in Early Childhood Settings: universal values and cultural flexibility.

 The magazine is one of the key publications in the field and comprises a broad range of perspectives, research results and best practices. Authors of the 2019 edition include María Fernanda Espinosa, President of the United Nations General Assembly; Daniel Kablan Duncan, Vice-President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire; Hugo de Jonge, Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Geraldo Júlio, Mayor of Recife; Kate Hampton, Chief Executive Officer of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation; and Gerda Verburg, Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement.

The articles in Early Childhood Matters range across continents and topics, from parenting programs to community health workers’ use of technology. Highlighting innovations, the path to scale and emerging initiatives in the field.

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